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  • Some recent street snaps

    Some recent street snaps

    It’s been a while since I last posted some photos here. The year so far has been rather uninspiring and I didn’t get out a lot. I’m looking forward to warmer days and more time outside. 🙂

  • Broken mirror selfies

    Broken mirror selfies

    Whenever I find a mirror on the street I just have to take some selfies. On todays photo walk I was lucky enough to find two broken mirrors and decided to snap a few shots with my Fujifilm X30. I quite like how they turned out!

  • Selfies with flowers

    Selfies with flowers

    Took some selfies today. Taken with my Fujifilm X30 and edited with Snapseed.

  • Caffenol #1

    Caffenol #1

    Yesterday I developed my own black and white film using Caffenol, a mix of instant coffee, washing soda, and Vitamin C. The film was damaged in the process because I didn’t use a development tank, but more on that later! I used the following formula: 40g instant coffee powder 56g washing soda 16g Vitamin C […]

  • First images with the Konica Autoreflex T4

    First images with the Konica Autoreflex T4

    I just got back the negatives from the lab and scanned them at home, Images are great and I’m super happy with the results. Will definitely use this camera again.

  • Selfie


    Testing my new black and white in-camera preset.

  • X


    Self portrait, 2022

  • Shattered

  • Selfie again

    Selfie again

    I shaved my head, wasn’t a good idea! Happy 2022!

  • Selfie


    Ending the year with a digital selfie. Wishing all of us the best for the new year! We’ll get through this!