Tag: Fujifilm

  • Broken mirror selfies

    Whenever I find a mirror on the street I just have to take some selfies. On todays photo walk I was lucky enough to find two broken mirrors and decided to snap a few shots with my Fujifilm X30. I quite like how they turned out!

  • Easter in the park

    Yesterday we spent Easter in the park, enjoying the sunny weather and some food. Of course I brought a camera, my Fujifilm X30. It’s my always-with-me camera and I managed to make time for a stroll through the park to take some photos. For all the photos I used my in-camera preset, they’re not edited […]

  • Shooting digital with restrictions

    Years ago I became incredibly bored with digital photography, resulting in me putting down my cameras and only shooting photos on the go with my phone(s). Analog photography rekindled my love for photography and I’ve been on a roll (pun intended) since starting, producing a lot of photos and sharing them on my instagram, pixelfed […]

  • Selfies with flowers

    Took some selfies today. Taken with my Fujifilm X30 and edited with Snapseed.

  • Bolt


    THE KEBAP by Cemo is a Döner restaurant here in Wiesbaden and they have the best vegan Döner. Shot this frame while waiting for my order a few days ago and I really like the whole vibe of it. This photo was shot in black and white using my Fujifilm X30 and a custom in-camera […]

  • Selfie

    Testing my new black and white in-camera preset.

  • X

    Self portrait, 2022

  • Friday walk

    I went for a nice walk through the neighbourhood and snapped some picture, some of which you can see below! I always enjoy walking around Wiesbaden and finding all kinds of nice buildings. This time I used my Fujifilm X30 camera with a polarising filter and shot with the LCD screen instead of through the […]

  • Home is where the Öltanks are

    A shot from a while ago, I walked by these huge oil tanks more times than I can count during my youth.