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  • Lunch break walk

    Lunch break walk

    In my lunch break I took my Fujifilm X30 for a walk through town and tested a new black and white preset I created. I love the strong blacks and subtle, almost soft greys it gives.

  • Testing yet another Konica FS-1

    Testing yet another Konica FS-1

    Some time ago I bought a bundle of untested cameras on eBay that included a Konica Autoreflex TC, a Konica FT-1, and two Konica FS-1 alongside some accessories like flashes and a 35-200mm zoom and macro lens! When everything arrived I got some batteries and tested the cameras. One of the two FS-1 had a […]

  • Meet the camera: Revue 400 SE

    Meet the camera: Revue 400 SE

    The other day I recieved my new old camera: A Revue 400 SE! It’s a rangefinder camera with full aperture automation, which means I can set a shutter speed and ISO and the camera will chose the aperture. The viewfinder shows a small square in which two images are shows that need to be aligned […]

  • Shooting 120 film on a camera from the 1930s

    Shooting 120 film on a camera from the 1930s

    >inb4 the camera may be from the late 1930s or 1940s. I couldn’t figure this out, but the Zeiss Ikon Nettar was released in 1937 and it just sounds a lot better to say it’s a camera from the 1930s. So anyway, I bought a Zeiss Ikon Nettar for 10€ on eBay and loaded it […]

  • Shooting digital with restrictions

    Shooting digital with restrictions

    Years ago I became incredibly bored with digital photography, resulting in me putting down my cameras and only shooting photos on the go with my phone(s). Analog photography rekindled my love for photography and I’ve been on a roll (pun intended) since starting, producing a lot of photos and sharing them on my instagram, pixelfed […]

  • A guide to developing black and white film with instant coffee (aka Caffenol)

    A guide to developing black and white film with instant coffee (aka Caffenol)

    This guide covers in-depth how I develop my black and white analog film with instant coffee. It mentions the brands of products I use, the tools I use, what tools are required, how long I develop different films, and contains examples of various films and cameras. Note: this is the formula I use and that […]

  • Fomapan 400 developed in Caffenol

    Fomapan 400 developed in Caffenol

    I’m hooked. Developing film at home is so exciting. After my experiment of shooting Fomapan 400 @ ISO 200 didn’t work out well (maybe because I light leaked the film a bit 😅), this experiment was a full blown success. Beside a few images that were underexposed all photos turned out great, and I’m truly […]

  • Caffenol #2

    Caffenol #2

    After getting a development tank I got going with another roll of Agfa APX, this time the 400 ISO variant. This time I also tried my new camera: The Konica Big Mini! I got it cheap off eBay because the seller thought it was broken – which it isn’t. More on that in another post. […]

  • Bolt



    THE KEBAP by Cemo is a Döner restaurant here in Wiesbaden and they have the best vegan Döner. Shot this frame while waiting for my order a few days ago and I really like the whole vibe of it. This photo was shot in black and white using my Fujifilm X30 and a custom in-camera […]