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  • The day my camera skipped half a roll

    The day my camera skipped half a roll

    It’s a sunny cloudy day and I’ve decided to take a walk through the neighbourhood to get away from my computer screen and finish a roll of film. I already took 18 shots the day before, so with “only” 18 left I felt like I could quite easily finish the roll and develop it the […]

  • Caffenol #1

    Caffenol #1

    Yesterday I developed my own black and white film using Caffenol, a mix of instant coffee, washing soda, and Vitamin C. The film was damaged in the process because I didn’t use a development tank, but more on that later! I used the following formula: 40g instant coffee powder 56g washing soda 16g Vitamin C […]

  • Shadows

  • Shadows

  • School

  • Bus Selfie

    Bus Selfie
  • Double selfie

    Double selfie

    This is the first image I’m going to publish from a recent roll of Agfa APX 100 black and white film I used to test my new Konica C35 point and shoot camera! Overall I’m quite happy with the camera and I’m super glad I got it!

  • First scans

    First scans

    I bought a negative scanner and here’s the first scans