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  • Broken mirror selfies

    Whenever I find a mirror on the street I just have to take some selfies. On todays photo walk I was lucky enough to find two broken mirrors and decided to snap a few shots with my Fujifilm X30. I quite like how they turned out!

  • Revue 6×6 aka Seagull 4a

    I didn’t really plan on buying a new camera, but then the Revue 6×6 in seemingly good condition for a decent price was listed on eBay near me. So I contacted the seller, we agreed to meet so I can take a look at the camera and I was very positively surprised! The condition is […]

  • Portrait of me

    My wife took this portrait of me using the Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515 folding camera. Shot on Fomapan 100 rated as 200 (pushed one stop), developed in Caffenol for 15 minutes.

  • Using Konica AR lenses on my Canon EOS 1000D

    The other day I found a Konica to EOS Adapter on eBay. I’ve wanted one of these for a while but wasn’t able to find one – either new or used, so I jumped on this one and contacted the seller. After a bit of bartering we agreed on 25 euro + shipping costs and […]

  • Meet the camera: Revue 400 SE

    The other day I recieved my new old camera: A Revue 400 SE! It’s a rangefinder camera with full aperture automation, which means I can set a shutter speed and ISO and the camera will chose the aperture. The viewfinder shows a small square in which two images are shows that need to be aligned […]

  • Shooting 120 film on a camera from the 1930s

    >inb4 the camera may be from the late 1930s or 1940s. I couldn’t figure this out, but the Zeiss Ikon Nettar was released in 1937 and it just sounds a lot better to say it’s a camera from the 1930s. So anyway, I bought a Zeiss Ikon Nettar for 10€ on eBay and loaded it […]

  • Easter in the park

    Yesterday we spent Easter in the park, enjoying the sunny weather and some food. Of course I brought a camera, my Fujifilm X30. It’s my always-with-me camera and I managed to make time for a stroll through the park to take some photos. For all the photos I used my in-camera preset, they’re not edited […]

  • Shooting digital with restrictions

    Years ago I became incredibly bored with digital photography, resulting in me putting down my cameras and only shooting photos on the go with my phone(s). Analog photography rekindled my love for photography and I’ve been on a roll (pun intended) since starting, producing a lot of photos and sharing them on my instagram, pixelfed […]

  • A guide to developing black and white film with instant coffee (aka Caffenol)

    This guide covers in-depth how I develop my black and white analog film with instant coffee. It mentions the brands of products I use, the tools I use, what tools are required, how long I develop different films, and contains examples of various films and cameras. Note: this is the formula I use and that […]

  • The day my camera skipped half a roll

    It’s a sunny cloudy day and I’ve decided to take a walk through the neighbourhood to get away from my computer screen and finish a roll of film. I already took 18 shots the day before, so with “only” 18 left I felt like I could quite easily finish the roll and develop it the […]

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