Kodak Gold 200 pushed to ISO 800

Recently I saw that Safelight Berlin is pushing film free of charge. Pushing film means you shoot the film at a higher ISO rating that it is marketed for. Each doubling of the ISO is called a stop, so shooting Kodak Gold 200 at ISO 800 means I pushed the film by 2 stops.

The lab then needs to develop the film longer (or shorter? I’m actually not sure!), and they usually charge extra. As mentioned before, Safelight Berlin doesn’t charge extra (as of February 2022), so I thought why not – I wanted to try the lab and the process of sending in film and receiving the negatives back anyway.

Here are some of the results, I’m very happy with them and will sent film to Safelight again.

NOTE: I did the scanning and retouching/color correction! Safelight Berlin only developed the negatives. If I had them scan the images, they’d surely be even better!

No editing, out of scanner!

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